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NING BO CHANGWEI HARDWAIRE CO.,LTD, is a manufacturer and exporter specialized in producing all kinds of seals,strip brushes,draught excluders,door and window seals,weather strip,flexible strip series,File strip,Coil Brushes and so on. With a enterprise spirit of innovation and doing much better,we carry out the quality policy of satisfy customers with all our hear.meanwhile,we insist on the management thought of quality first ,customer first.We got a great success in this line. We”ll try our

Hot Products

    • Bottom Brush for Door

      Bottom Brush for Door

      A Memtech nylon brush door seal permanently blocks entry for bugs, insects, and other pests without using chemicals. Many of America's leading Food Processors use Memtech Brush door seals for industrial non-chemical pest control to seal their facilities at critical entry points including cleanrooms, food processing plants.

    • Movable Door Brush

      Movable Door Brush

      The brush-sealed brush wire mainly adopts cobalt-based superalloy, which has low brittleness and high toughness, and ensures no break during operation. The high-performance welding process ensures that the brush wire does not fall off, and the optimized bristle bundle thickness and height ensure high performance.