Automotive seal introduction

- May 09, 2019-

Automotive seal introduction

Sealing is an important indicator of the quality of a complete vehicle. The automotive sealing strip product is one of the important parts to determine the pros and cons of this indicator. It is widely used in front and rear windshields, doors, windows, and launching cabins. The body parts such as the trunk fill the gap between the body parts, and have the functions of shock absorption, waterproof, dustproof, soundproofing, decoration, etc., and play a maintenance role for the passengers and the whole vehicle.

There are many ways to classify automotive weather strip products. Generally, the classification is stopped according to the designation of the device parts (components), the type of data, the number of composite materials, and the working characteristics. The classification of the device parts (components) is the most common method, including the initiation of the cabin seal, the front and rear windshield seals, the door frame seals, the door seals, the door glass guide seals, and the lower door dust strips. , inside and outside the door and window seals, side window seals, sunroof seals, roof cover seals, trunk (luggage) seals, etc.

There are a large number of consumer enterprises in the automotive seal strip industry, and the scope is small, and it is difficult to form a range of climates. It is far from the similar enterprises in the world that have a few billion yuan of business suspension. At the same time, with the gradual recovery of the international economy, the export demand for automotive sealing strips will increase year by year. The automotive sealing strip industry will have a rapid development period after experiencing the blowout of the 2009 blowout market. Beginning in 2009, especially in the second half of the year, major automobile sealing strip enterprises obviously felt that their production capacity was seriously lacking. They participated in the expansion of production capacity and activated the automobile sealing strip equipment manufacturing enterprise at the same time. Equipment orders, the difficulty and importance of delivery. However, in terms of increasing production capacity, we must not only focus on the immediate needs of the 100,000, but should separate the factors such as progressive labor consumption rate, quality improvement, product structure promotion, and technological progress, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive production capacity of enterprises.

Needless to say, China's auto industry restructuring is the general trend, and as a car seal company downstream of the automobile industry industry chain, its merger and reorganization is also inevitable, as long as this, domestic auto seal companies can become bigger and stronger. First of all, automotive sealing strip consumer companies can apply their mutual resource advantages to stop the integration and form a cluster advantage, and strengthen the strength of the enterprise. Secondly, the automobile sealing strip consumer enterprises not only provide services for the whole vehicle, but also must intervene in the whole vehicle. In the process of product development, as long as this can produce a deeper understanding of the automotive sealing strip products, the developed automotive sealing strip products are more targeted, and the automotive OEMs are more satisfied with the quality of the automotive sealing strips: Third, consumer car seal manufacturers should also circumvent the theme of green environmental protection, stop universal cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, promote the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies, and thereby extend the industrial chain of the automotive seal strip industry.

Features and uses


Automotive sealing strips are mainly made of EPDM rubber with good elasticity and compression set resistance, aging resistance, ozone, chemical action, and wide temperature range (-40°C~+120°C). It is compounded with dense and contains unique metal fixtures and tongue-shaped buckles for durability and installation.


Recommended temperature range:

EPDM material -40 °F - 248 °F (-40 °C - 120 °C)


Mainly used in the door door frame, side windows, front and rear windshield, engine cover and trunk lid, it plays the role of waterproof, dustproof, soundproof, temperature insulation, shock absorption and decoration. It is also possible to produce rubber hinges for the installation of passenger luggage compartment doors.

The unique formula design makes EPDM rubber sealing strips have excellent anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance and chemical resistance, good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, and will not crack or deform for a long time. Maintaining its original high sealing performance from 50 degrees to 120 degrees.

The experience of strip design and comprehensive design of the system ensures good waterproof, dustproof, soundproof, temperature and shock absorption. The sealing strip is easy to install, firm and reliable, and the movable door switch is light.