Cloth wheel application range

- Jun 03, 2019-

Cloth wheel application range

Shoes Industry: Roughing machine aluminum brown wheel, grinding machine horse hair wheel, wool wheel, pig wheel, sun coating with glue, polishing cotton wheel, cotton cloth, powder machine brush and so on.

Wood industry: various sanding machines at home and abroad. Brush roller and sweeping brush.

Home industry: polishing cloth wheel, brown brush, paint brush, sisal strips, etc.

Machine tool industry: CNC turret punch brush, etc.

Polishing industry: all kinds of hair rollers, cloth wheels, brown wheels, cloth sheets, wire wheels and polishing equipment.

Table industry: wire brush, oil brush, wool brush, disc brush. Leather industry: polishing machine, suede machine roller brush, belt brush, etc.

Ceramic industry: press round brush, press roller brush, glaze line round brush, machine room dusting hand sweep, etc.

Glass industry: washing machine, polishing machine brush roller and sponge suction roller, aluminum seat, etc.

LCD industry: LCD glass substrate cleaning spring brush roller, disc brush, etc.

PCB industry: PCB cleaning spring brush roller, strip brush, disc brush and brush roller.

Washing machine industry: washing machine mechanical brush roller and so on.

Laboratory brush: test tube brush, detergent cleaning brush, etc.

Sanitation industry: sweeping car disc sweeping brush, intermediate sweeping brush, square brush, round brush, sweeping brush, barrier cleaning brush, etc.

Food machinery cleaning industry: suitable for fruit and vegetable cleaning and peeling machinery, egg cleaning machinery, flour machinery and other food cleaning machine brushes and brush rollers.

Textile printing and dyeing industry: machine room dusting hand sweeping, combing machine brush, spinning machine brush, singeing machine, waxing machine brush, setting machine brush and needle board, needle board seat, chain, printing machine roller brush, etc.

Feed machinery: all kinds of mechanical bristle brush, brush and brush roller.

Galvanized industry: various spring brushes and special-shaped brushes used for cleaning and descaling.