Introduction of dust proof brush

- May 14, 2019-

Introduction of dust proof brush

The dust-proof brush is literally known to be dust-proof. Its scope of application is to prevent dust from entering the entrance and exit of industrial equipment, assembly lines, etc. This is the fundamental role of the dust-proof brush, but at the time of purchase. It is necessary to clarify the environment in which the dust brush is used, so as to reduce the transportation cost of both parties.

Moreover, the dust-proof brush also has many different materials, and the brush suitable for itself is selected according to the use environment. The disc brush is used for deburring and polishing of metal parts. The bristle brush is harder and the wool brush is softer. It can be selected according to the specific conditions. The nylon brush has good elasticity and is not easy to be deformed. It is used to clean small appliances.

Different dust-proof brushes are suitable for all kinds of machinery: various machine tools, sanitation, furniture, leather, shoes, circuit boards, textile printing and dyeing machinery brushes, printing setting machines, glass washing machines, vegetable and fruit cleaning, galvanized sheets Cleaning, grinding, polishing, transmission, etc. in various industries such as cleaning.