Main characteristics of the sealing strip

- May 06, 2019-

Main characteristics of the sealing strip

Modified PVC strip

The price is relatively low, because the quality is different, the price is generally between 6,000 yuan and 15,000 yuan / ton. Due to the use of waste materials, substitute plasticizers and high filling amount, the low-end products are so poor in elasticity, easy to be hard, have a scent of nose, easy to migrate, make the frame yellow, and have a short service life. A small number of door and window companies that are competing in low-level prices are still using them. Medium and high-end PVC strips can reach standard specifications and have a relatively long service life.

Because PVC products contain halogens and stabilizers contain heavy metals, they are not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, foreign developed countries and domestic Beijing and coastal cities have eliminated or restricted the use of PVC strips. [1]

2. Thermoplastic EPDM rubber seal

The sealing strip is a new material developed on the basis of foreign imported technology and domestic independent research and development in recent years. It is mainly used for automobile door and window sealing strips. In recent years, it has been used for building door and window sealing strips. Its outstanding advantages are:

1 Performance and service life are equivalent to vulcanized EPDM seals.

2 Processing energy consumption is lower than that of vulcanized EPDM rubber (comparable to PVC).

3 It does not contain heavy metals such as halogen and lead, and can be recycled after several years, in line with the requirements of green building materials.

4 The specific gravity is small (only 0.9-0.95) and the window rate is high. It seems that the purchase price is high and the actual use cost is low.

Product Features

1) Light weight, large telescopic strength, no water absorption (replaces traditional three oil four felts, asphalt wood boards and other materials). The product is environmentally friendly, easy to construct, and has good anti-seepage, leak-proof and water-stopping effects.

2) Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance +80 ° C ~ -45 ° C does not flow, no deformation, no brittle fracture, long service life.

3) With independent open-cell bubble structure, the special-shaped joint plate has uniform appearance of honeycomb holes, which can be tightly bonded with cement/sealant without fluffing, adapt to changes in natural expansion and contraction, and strengthen joints. Seal expansion and water stop effect.

3. Vulcanized EPDM rubber sealing strip

In terms of durability of sealing elasticity, it is much stronger than PVC strip. However, due to the need for microwave curing line shaping, the processing energy is high, usually more than 20 times that of PVC processing. The product can not be reused, not environmentally friendly, not advocated by the state. product. In addition, the proportion of materials (1.4 or more) of this type of products is comparable to that of PVC (the proportion of low-end vulcanized EPDM rubber strips is larger). The window-out rate is similar to that of PVC strips. The cost of use is relatively high, and it is difficult for doors and windows to accept.