Precautions for Polishing

- Jan 22, 2019-

1, polishing must adhere to the "rather slow, not fast, rather light, do not heavy" principle, to avoid throwing outsole paint.

2, the wire back up, so as not to hurt people, injury machine, winding line, strictly prohibit wire contact.

3, polishing wax can be first poured on the paint surface evenly dispersed, to prevent the paint surface splash.

4, paint surface polishing before the recommended use of car wash mud wipe, remove the paint surface attached to the surface particles and pollutants.

5, throw the front cover, with a large towel or shielding film cover the front retaining glass, to avoid polishing wax on the glass seal and wiper difficult to erase.

6, polished wax evenly applied to the wool plate or sponge disk, to prevent splashing, waste of materials.

7, after the use of the correct placement of the machine, two handles to the ground, the hair wheel facing up.