PVC superiority

- Jun 18, 2019-

PVC superiority

Diverse appearance

In this sense, the market prospect of PVC film is very promising. With the development of the times, PVC has gradually won people's favor with its good performance, simple technology and many other advantages. It has been accepted and recognized by more and more people. In Europe and America, PVC is the darling of the construction industry. PVC is everywhere in people's daily lives. PVC can not only express the color of nature, but also express the color of people's fantasy. In Germany, 40% of the furniture is made of PVC as the surface material. Seeing those desks, bookshelves, sofas and kitchen cabinets that are natural in color, gorgeous in color, rich in variety, beautiful in design, elegant in style and high in style, no one They will associate them with the ruined white trashon the streets, not to mention that PVC blister films give them such beautiful outerwear.

Strict process

The reason why PVC can be widely used in the building materials industry is two important reasons: First, the unique properties of PVC (rain, fire, antistatic, easy to form), and second, the low input and high output of PVC. The PVC film has high light resistance and fire resistance, ensuring high quality of the PVC film. So comprehensively, PVC is actually a low-input, high-volume product.

Melting temperature: 185~205°C Mold temperature: 20~50°C

Injection pressure: up to 1500 bar Holding pressure: up to 1000 bar Injection speed: In order to avoid material degradation, a considerable injection speed is generally used.

Runners and gates: All regular gates can be used. If you are working with smaller parts, it is best to use tip-type gates or submerged gates; for thicker parts, it is best to use fan-shaped gates. The minimum diameter of the tip or submerged gate shall be 1 mm; the thickness of the fan gate shall not be less than 1 mm.

Unique performance

What is the difference between PVC film and ordinary film? The ordinary adhesive film is directly applied to the surface of the plate with glue at normal temperature, so after one or two years, the film is easily peeled off. The PVC film is applied to the surface of the board at a high temperature of 110 degrees by a dedicated vacuum laminator, so it is not easy to fall off.

PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless. It does not cause any irritation to human skin or respiratory system. For those who are allergic to wood and paint, furniture or kitchen utensils packed with PVC film are very suitable. By using a PVC film as a decorative film, it is possible to largely avoid the use of medium-density boards, particle boards, plywood and fiberboards, and reduce the amount of wood used, thereby reducing damage to forests and the environment.

The use of PVC once caused great controversy in Western countries, and many people tried to replace PVC with various other materials. But it turns out that the quality of PVC is not inferior to other alternatives, and it is cheaper than these materials in terms of cost.

bright future

The PVC industry is developing rapidly in the world and has broad prospects. All countries are optimistic about the potential of PVC and its benefits to the ecological environment. PVC is demonstrating its role and status to the world with its superior and unique performance, which cannot be replaced by any other products. Social development needs it, environmental protection needs it, it is an inevitable trend of the progress of our human society civilization.