- May 23, 2019-


Shaped brushes have long been considered a light industrial consumer. China is the world's largest producer of piglets. The paint brush with pork chop as the main raw material and the wool brush with wool as the main raw material have been the fist products of the brush industry, occupying a considerable domestic and export market. As the industry develops faster and the requirements of the architectural coatings industry become higher and higher, the problems are gradually emerging. In particular, the processing techniques of paint brushes and wool brushes are mainly manual, and the operation process is long and the processing steps are long. The cumbersome and inefficient unit time is no longer suitable for large-volume order production. At the same time, the advancement of the industrialization process also requires the brush industry to introduce new products to meet other industries outside the construction and home, especially in the food processing, metal polishing, steel pickling, furniture production and other industries. And custom production requirements for brush rolls.

Under the influence of such a large environment, the brush roller and other abrasive abrasive brushes with imported abrasive wire as the main raw material came into being, and gradually replaced the paint brush, becoming the darling of the emerging market.

Compared with plastic wires such as nylon 1010 wire and 610 wire, the abrasive wire contains silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, has a rough surface and has a distinct graininess, and can effectively perform the surface processing of the metal and the wood surface and the polishing operation of the concave and convex curved surface. Long life, anti-falling, high temperature resistance, high fatigue resistance, etc., is unmatched by ordinary plastic wire.

The brush roller with abrasive wire as the main raw material can be widely applied to the food processing industry and the surface treatment industry of wood wood, and is one of the effective tools for polishing and polishing.

Of course, depending on the work surface and work intensity, the requirements for the silk quality of the brush roller are also different. In addition to nylon, PP and abrasive filaments, other silk materials include: 304 stainless steel wire, copper wire and the softest sharpened wire, flowering silk and so on. This article comes from the brush, please indicate the source, thank you.

Among them, stainless steel wire and copper wire are mainly used in the plate pickling industry and the gemstone grinding industry because of their high hardness, long service life and high grinding strength. The sharpened silk and the flowering silk are soft and suitable for the ink removal work of the printing pattern. Different industries should decide which silk to use as a grinding tool according to the characteristics of the industry and the requirements of the work.