strip brush

- Apr 23, 2019-

Strip brush

Strip Brush wire material

1. The elasticity of PBT wire is better than that of nylon brush wire, but the wear resistance is less than 610. The performance of PBT is soft, which is most suitable for cleaning and decontamination of fine parts, such as car surface cleaning;

2, nylon 610 (PA66, PA6) brush wire has good anti-wear performance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good elasticity, suitable for household dust removal and cleaning brush parts, such as vacuum cleaner roller brush, brush roller, Strip Brush and so on;

3, nylon 612 or nylon 1010 has the best elasticity, the highest cost, but the wear resistance is less than 610, the appearance has a relatively good performance, impact resistance, anti-aging and other properties are also very good, most suitable for industrial equipment and doors and windows, etc. Dustproof parts; generally need to have flame retardant and antistatic function;

4, polypropylene (PP) brush wire, with acid and alkali resistance, but the elasticity is not very good, easy to deform and difficult to recover after a long time of work, so strip brush is suitable for industrial dust removal and cleaning for rough parts, such as dust removal at mine docks , the sweeping brush of the sanitation car, etc.;

5, PE wire is a soft brush in several types of brush wire, often used in car cleaning brush, plus the napping process, easy to protect the car paint surface;

6, piglets are often used for the polishing of bath brushes or valuable objects, such as gold, gems, pianos and other surface treatments, but also for the polishing of hard alloys;

7, horse hair is softer than piglets, easier to remove floating ash, often used in high-end household cleaning products, or for industrial use to remove floating ash;

8, metal wire such as steel wire, copper wire, generally used for metal surface deburring and other treatment, its wear resistance is good;

9. Abrasive nylon wire (divided silicon carbide abrasive wire, alumina abrasive wire, diamond abrasive wire), has good wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and is often used for surface treatment of PCB, galvanized sheet pickling line, and metal. Processing, polishing and deburring, etc.;

10, sisal brush silk, has good toughness, high temperature resistance, oil absorption, often used in pot brush or high temperature, oil use and other aspects.

Material characteristics

The brush is brushed with a wooden or plastic brush and the bristles are nailed into the brush by the machine. The hair brush body is supplied together with a shaft or a tube with a journal. The shell-shaped brush block can also be attached to the tubular brush body, which allows easy replacement of the brush without removing the shaft.

The special brush roller with plastic brushing is specially used for shot blasting equipment for steel beams and profiles. The brush roller is used to clean the shot blasting material on the surface of the workpiece. The brush roller consists of 2 to 4 segments that are attached to the drive shaft. When the brush is worn, the brush body can be refilled and then used again.

For hygienic reasons, for example, in the food industry, it is sometimes necessary to seal the punch to avoid bacterial penetration. In these applications, all punch holes are sealed with a mold resin to achieve a uniform surface, and the seal also protects the wire material.

The hair brush can be manufactured in various lengths, appearances and diameters, using different brush materials. The brush is made of wood or plastic and can be supplied with steel shaft if required by the customer. Due to the infinite possibilities of brush construction, we offer a custom brushing service for each application. Advanced production facilities allow us to produce a wide range of brushed hairbrushes for all applications.

The new industrial brush with a density of spot welding on the round shaft is densely packed and embossed in a galvanized iron strip or stainless steel strip, and is wound into a spring shape by a machine. High-end products!