Type of brush

- Apr 30, 2019-

Type of brush

There are many types of brushes, and the specifications are complex, and the range of applications is extremely wide. It can be said that in modern industrial production, almost every industry and industry will use a brush - this accessory tool, the following is a simple list of the application range of the brush according to the use of various industrial industries.

First, hardware, building materials industry. In fact, the brush is also attributed to the industry of hardware tools, so its use in this industry is self-evident. Specifically, the brush products used in the hardware building materials industry include iron brush, pipe brush, nylon polishing brush, other material polishing brush, roller brush, wire brush roller, spring brush roller, brick brick brush, color Tile machine brush, non-burning brick machine board brush, etc. In some cases, the surface of the casting or the reversed part is deburred and sanded using an abrasive wire brush roller containing silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.

Second, environmental protection, sanitation industry. The main products are brush sweeper brush, sewage treatment brush, scrubber brush, computer car wash brush. Washing machine with roller brush and sanitation car disc sweeping brush, generally made of high-strength plastic brush wire, used to clean the dirt on the ground, the strip brush on the sewage treatment equipment is used to isolate solid objects in the sewage.

Third, the textile processing industry. It can be said that the textile processing industry has always been a major consumer of industrial brushes. The brush products used in the industry include a setting machine brush wheel, a sanding machine brush, a brushing machine brush, a combing machine brush, a brown brush, a spinning machine brush, a microdermabrasion brush, and a polishing cloth wheel.

Fourth, glass manufacturing. This is one of the industries with a wide range of industrial brush applications. The industrial brush products required for the glass manufacturing industry include washing machine brush roller, edging machine brush, PP, PU, PVC, PVA absorbent sponge roller. Glass washer brush roller, the general material selection is 45# round steel roller shaft, nylon bristles, if you need to add acid cleaning glass cleaning line, you must use all stainless steel brush roller, this can prevent corrosion, generally use a brush machine The strip brush is spirally welded on the roller shaft; the water absorbing roller is made of sponge with high density hydrophilic molecules, has good water absorption performance and fast drying, and is used for comprehensively and quickly sucking water droplets on the glass surface.

5. Leathermaking and footwear industry. Generally, a brush is used for polishing, waxing, and oiling the leather and the upper, and the product is usually a small cloth wheel, horse hair, sisal, and the like.

6. Wood industry and furniture industry. In general, the brush is mainly used for polishing and polishing in the wood industry and furniture industry. The main products are polishing brush, sanding machine brush, sealing top brush, coloring machine brush and wire drawing machine brush. It is made of antistatic nylon brush wire, and the surface of wooden floor and furniture is dusted. The brush wire can not be electrostatically charged, so that the dust collecting device can effectively remove the dust from the brush. In addition, abrasive wire brushes containing silicon carbide and alumina are used in many aspects in the wood and furniture industry.

Seven, ceramic processing industry. The main purpose is the glaze brush. The general manufacturing material is a solid wooden core with a white or black plastic brush. The glaze brush is generally used for glazing on tiles and other ceramic products. In addition, there are other polishing brushes that are also used.

Eight, the electronics industry. Brushes used in this industry generally require anti-static. Brush rollers made of special brush are often used to clean integrated boards, electronic components and lead static.

Nine, steel tile manufacturing. It requires a brush to perform rusting and glazing on the surface of the steel sheet, so nylon with a high wool hardness is required.

X. Cigarette processing industry. The brush roller made of nylon bristles is used to sweep the tobacco leaf into a thin layer and then flow to the production line for drying.

11. Door and window, hand-held elevator manufacturing. Generally, strip brushes are used to block dust, such as movable doors and windows, revolving doors, smooth doors and escalators. In addition, buses, subways, trains, etc. are equipped with corresponding strip brushes for dustproof ash.

12. Agriculture and food deep processing industries. When industrializing fruits and vegetables, use nylon brush rolls to clean agricultural crops such as fruits and carrots. It is required to have good compression and elasticity, but it cannot scratch fruits and vegetables. The bristles are made of nylon temperature-resistant antibacterial brush wire, which has the characteristics of temperature resistance, antibacterial, etc. The wire is made of stainless steel, the roller shaft is processed by stainless steel body, the brush wire is not bent, does not fall off, wear and durable, and is widely used in various vegetables. Mechanical cleaning, peeling, and removal of pesticide residues before fruit preservation. Conventional products include shredder brush, meat remover brush, mushroom cleaner brush, hair removal, peeling machine brush, washing machine brush, bean, garlic peeling machine brush, oil press hair brush.

13. Metal processing industry. Commonly used brushes, brushes and brush rolls have volcanic ash brush rolls, steel plate pickling brush rolls, shot blasting machine brushes; paper packaging machinery brush, PVC board brush, plastic board brush, wire brush. There are also some metal plate pickling brushes, which are used for pretreatment of sheet metal, mainly for deep processing equipment.

14. Printing industry. It is used for cleaning and decontamination of printing plates and for static elimination protection of printed products. There are plate printing machinery brushes, super strong static brush.