Wooden door and window seal

- May 09, 2019-

Wooden door and window seal

Features: Self-adhesive wooden door seals are made of EPDM rubber foam, which makes it an excellent feature.

Excellent weather resistance and aging resistance

Ozone and chemical resistance

Foaming flexible sealing strip

Excellent cold and heat resistance (-50°C~+170°C)

Super elastic, 200% stretch

Good quality and low price


1. Made of high quality EPDM rubber and foamed.

2. The back side is made of imported double-sided tape, and the interlayer is made of mesh glass fiber.

Scope of application and installation method:

1. Applicable to all kinds of doors, windows, etc.

2. Installation method: Bring the double-sided tape and directly paste it (the surface must be smooth, clean, smooth and dry).