Abrasive Grinding Head with Good Performance

Abrasive Grinding Head with Good Performance

The rubber grinding head is made of high-quality grinding materials and high-end glue at home and abroad. It is produced by special process.

Product Details

Our Keyboard Cleaning Brush, Plastic Gun Cleaning Brush, Silicone Grinding Head, at a reasonable price, has an innovative design, delicate quality and convenient function, which is competitive to others. Our products have good reliability, excellent accuracy and long-term stability, and broad development space. We have been working hard in the cause that we have created. With efficient management, advanced technology and equipment as well as strict quality assurance, we provide users with high-quality products and services. We focus on to make excellent quality products to supply service for our clients to establish long-term win-win relationship.

Silicone grinding head
The rubber grinding head is made of high-quality grinding materials and high-end glue at home and abroad. It is produced by special process. This product has very strong grinding and polishing effect, high elasticity, long service life and good performance. It can be in the maximum range, multi-unit Grooved or irregular receptor parts for barb grinding, grinding and welding of seams, rust removal, concave surface plastic repair, brightening treatment, etc.

Use accessories: power tools, pneumatic tools
Shank diameter: 3mm or 6mm, non-standard customizable
Material: high wear resistant rubber
Size: conventional universal, non-standard customizable
It is used for the shape dressing and polishing of the acrylic denture base on the side of the clinical chair, as well as the polishing of some gold and silver jewelry precious metal products.
Slow speed straight head phone for technicians

Packing: 12 / box
The product is polished from coarse to fine:
1, black - thick - used for sanding,
2, green - medium thick - for smoothing and pre-polishing,
3, yellow - very fine - for fine polishing at the end.
Note: It is better to polish from coarse to fine. Please pay attention to the speed and pressure when using.


With the development of market demand and products, our Abrasive Grinding Head with Good Performance is constantly updated and improve in the direction of diversification and specialization. We focus on communication and exchange with various stakeholders and establish a regular social responsibility information disclosure mechanism. We have always clung to the tenet of seeking development by reputation, survival by quality, and benefiting from management, and we continue to develop with the joint efforts of all employees.
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