Non-Woven Wheel (AFW07)

Non-Woven Wheel (AFW07)

1. Pig hair(hard)
2. Horse hair(medium hard)
3. Goat hair(soft)
4. Woolen(soft)

Product Details

Our company takes the value innovation as the guidance and carries on the Wash Cleaning Tube Brush, Plastic Battery Brush, Door Sealing Brush brand construction research unceasingly. Should further information be required, please contact us at any time! We will proceed to provide users with excellent products and quality services for the revitalization and development of national industry to make our contribution. Our outstanding supply capacity and high quality service provide you with world-class and all-round solutions and one-stop procurement of complete services. We have good establishment brand image, and we sincerely do business with foreign customers.

Unmounted Wheel Brush

Filling materials:
1. Pig hair(hard)

2. Horse hair(medium hard)

3. Goat hair(soft)

4. Woolen(soft)

5. Stainless wires(hard)

6. Brass wires(hard)

7. Nylon wires.(hard)Filling type


guaranteed and consistently controlled quality;great tensile strength; high elongation;long brush life; economical

Our High-performance power brushes using High performance steel wire manufacturing
* Crimped Wire
* Twisted-knotted Wire
* Stainless Wire 

for angle grinders and stationary machines/high speed portable tools
Wheel brushes are efficient tools for fast heavy duty cleaning of large metal surfaces.It is good abrasive tools for Metal polishing, especially in shipbuilding.They are specially designed for portable tools. Removal of weId seams,rust,paint,scale. 

Applying of industrial brushes, mainly aspects as below:
1. Rough machining of surface(polish, pull rough, rust clearance)
2. Clear of surface (dirt reduce, oil relieve)
3. Finishing of surface(Mill, gloss marking ,polish)

Our company constantly strengthen our internal strength, work hand in hand with all walks of life, strive to create excellent Non-Woven Wheel (AFW07) for our customers while constantly expanding market share. To keep the leading position in our industry, we never stop challenging the limitation in all aspects to create the ideal products. The staff of our company are unswervingly determined, constantly challenge themselves and surpass themselves, so as to develop our company into a well-known brand.
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